Psychology of Eating

It’s not uncommon for me to encounter clients who, for a variety of reasons, resort to eating as a coping strategy when bored, stressed, angry, sad or depressed… and who then often end up in a different cycle of disappointment or depression with self-esteem issues associated with their weight, looks in general, lifestyle and choices in general.

I have found some good resources on topics like mindful or emotional eating at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating’s website, particularly in their blog. Information covers not only nutritional topics in general, but looks at how individuals form relationships with food that affect everything from self-image to intimacy in interpersonal relationships. as with all online blogs intended to promote other products from an author, company, or institute, the articles are often teasers or light(er) reading on deeper subjects meant to be explored through dedicated coursework. But as starting points for personal reflection and thought provocation around individual habits, they’ve been good triggers for doing research on our own time and through other resources if we need them. At the very least, many of these blog posts can provide an excellent entry point into conversations we want to have with our partners, families, or our selves, on the topic of change.

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