After a brief hiatus…

May was a good month for testing auto-publishing articles and posts to the website. Technology is great if you make effective use of it. I’ve had to put reading and writing on hold since late May to get a personal project out the door, but now that that particular commitment has finally wound down, I can get back to adding what I hope is useful reference content to this site.

There is also a non-zero chance that the practice hours may be returning to the original evenings-only format in the near future, as I am currently looking for supplemental employment. The nature of a private practice is inconsistent in terms of clients coming through the door and in terms of fees, as sometimes clients need to make use of the sliding scale for short (or long) periods of time, and that makes it harder to pay the bills in a practice this small. I’m not the only therapist I know working multiple jobs for this reason, but that doesn’t always make it easier on the clients impacted by the compressed and limited availability. When the employment situation changes for sure, I will communicate the new availability out to existing active clients, and will determine then whether or not I will still be open to new clients for the duration of any contract I take on.

The only thing certain in life is change, and a therapist’s life is no different in that regard than anyone else’s. It’s a good reminder to practice mindfulness and groundlessness in the moment as things shift on many fronts!

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