I know I keep promising posts and links and updates, but the summer is just slipping away from me. In case anyone ever tries to convince you that therapists are on the ball and have their acts together and are cool, calm, collected individuals… it’s lies, ALL LIES, I tell you!!

Part of the delay is long-overdue website updates on the backend. I’ve got a really great team in Opal and Paul at www.DesignAndDevelop.com. Another lifetime ago when I still worked in IT/software, Opal came to work for my tech writing department as a co-op student. She has since gone on to be so much more, and do things I can only dream of, mostly because I don’t understand any of it at all.

Recently she updated the WordPress installation on which this site is based, and began the slow process of guiding me into updating my search engine optimization metadata (the stuff that search engines use to match my content to your web queries and hopefully match me well enough to put me higher in the rankings than my competition). It’s all very smelly, tedious, detailed, arduous, dull-as-nails, needful work, and Opal has developed an inestimable amount of patience and skill in using the little words with some of her more reluctant clients (*ahem*me*ahem*).

So hopefully as I grit my teeth and get a handle on the SEO tweaking, we’ll be able to resume regular blogging here. There’s been a lot happening lately in the world, and a lot of interesting, needful, difficult things trickling down to therapists and clients alike. Lots to talk about, and hopefully I can slide a few coherent posts in between the gripes and grumblings about website updates and other more tedious aspects of the business side.

I hope everyone is finding what joy you can in this glorious month of Augtober!

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