Aaaand… we’re back! (Again)

Even for the non-religious, the 40 days of Lent provide an arbitrary window for trying out new things, building new habits into disciplines, spending time in contemplation of who we are and how we want to be in the world we create around ourselves. Therapists are no different; in the next 40 days I will be (am already) returning to my own daily meditation practice, and also getting my arse back on my stationary bike, even if only for a few minutes every morning. I also plan to spend the next 40 days reflecting on my own inner resistances, both in the immediate sense of, “I don’t wanna get my arse on the bike at 6 in the morning!”, and the resistance I suspect underlies personal anger experiences.

It’s also my intention to return to sharing some of the more interesting links and readings I’m doing around the web. My backlog of browser tabs is becoming something uncontrollable, and 40 days is MORE than enough time to clear some of that out and still find more 🙂

So to start with, one from some of my favoured bloggers, Marc & Angel Hack Life, on signs of a good relationship, and a tidy little article from Psychology Today on ways in which you can create and sustain that good relationship.

Since winter won’t be done with us for a few weeks yet, please stay safe and warm, and spend some time every day looking for your gratitudes ? no matter how small they are, connecting with gratitude is a solid way of helping hold the blahs and light depressive states at bay.

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