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Where is the summer going???

The short answer is, as the Cool Kids these days say, “TB;DP” (Too Busy; Didn’t Post). There was a theatre production, with a lot of overflow into non-client time from that. There’s been some business development work, and especially since the show closed, simply a lot of catching up on every non-show aspect of my life. Now we’re into the muggy thickness of summer, and it seems like there’s always gardening to care for, or a lawn that needs cutting, or things that require me to simply be not-home more often than in the frigid confines of the winter months…

I have a backlog of links to post. I still read online most days, and I collect the links to articles that are especially thought-provoking in areas related to the practice, or specific communities I support, or even just ideas I think sound neat and seem worth exploring. The time-consuming part comes from trying to write wrappers around the links to provide some context on why I think the link is worth your time and effort to click through, gentle readers. I’m getting there; at the very least I need to clear out my OneTab listing so the browser stops choking every time I open Chrome… (little bit of my inner geek fell out there, sorry).

This is the first week in three or four where, now that most of the administration work is up to date, I might actually have time to get to those posts. A few people have asked my for my opinion on the whole #notallmen/#yesallwomen debate that rocketed around the internet a few weeks ago. I do have some thoughts but have mostly been keeping my toes out of the water on the grounds that I remember 1st Wave Feminism (barely) and the 2nd Wave that came later, and now that we’re back in the slippery mud again as a culture, we’re not getting anywhere by reactively flinging mud between the genders and trying to Other any side not Our Side. Nobody likes living in a climate of fear, but the way in which we (the broader-spectrum, societal “we”) are engaging the discussion about fears and concerns is perhaps less effective than it needs to be, with no easy road out of the swamp as long as the juggernaut of Media is selling us idealized, if out-dated, imagery of what it means to be “woman” or “man” without any regards to the growing backlash of diversity and lived experience.

So opening that can of worms, while a discussion that happens with increasing frequency in the therapeutic settings on a one-on-one experiential basis, is much harder to step into in the broadcast medium of the internet blog. Doesn’t mean I don’t have opinions, just means I haven’t figured out how best to present them yet.

Please stay tuned while I get back in the saddle and back to work on building the resource links; postings will continue approximately every other day once I get my act together!

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