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Karen Grierson, R.P.
B.A. , M.T.S. (Pastoral Care & Counselling)
CRPO Registered Psychotherapist #3387
OAMHP Member; WPATH Member
40 Harvest Court, Kitchener ON N2P 1T3
karen [AT] kgrierson [DOT] com

Located in south Kitchener in a private residence within walking distance of the #10 Conestoga College bus route; street parking is also available.

Clients requiring day-time availability are also welcome to book with me through Bliss Counselling in uptown Waterloo. I’m there four days a week. Please be aware that Bliss has a different billing and fee structure than I do; I cannot apply my home practice rates to clients meeting me there.

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  1. Hi Karen. I’m a fellow RP (and fellow Luther grad) in Guelph looking for someone to talk to myself. I saw your profile online and was interested in your experience since my main concern has to do with navigating an alternative marital model that I am in. I am also a woman of colour and you seem to have had experience with a diversity of communities. I see on your sidebar that you are not taking new clients at your home office. Is that also true of your work at Bliss? If so, can you refer me to someone who might have a similar level of experience working with diversity and alternative marital models? Thank you for your consideration.

  2. Elizabeth McNally

    Hi Karen, I am not living in your area, but as everything is over phone, zoom etc. presently, it might not matter where we are physically for the time being. If you are accepting clients, I would like to give it a try with you. I have not used the services of a councillor previously.
    I am in a polyamorous relationship that has been ongoing for five years now. I spent the first 60 years of my life in monogamous relationships. I find I keep cycling through the same stuff, and can’t seem to break the cycle. I recognize I need help.


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