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Do you use your smartphone or other devices in front of your children? This may be having a very different impact on those relationships than you think… or want.

“?What stood out was that in a subset of caregivers using the device almost through the entire meal, how negative their interactions could become with the kids,? she says. While the study did not code or quantify the reactions, Radesky says that there were ?a lot of instances where there was very little interaction, harsh interaction or negative interaction? between the adults and the children. ?That?s simply unfair to the children,? says Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson of Seattle Children?s Hospital and author of the Seattle Mama Doc blog.”


I should know better than to try to do business admin late at night, but a random email from the PolyResearchers mailing list prompted me to finally try to update my professional listings on both the Poly-Friendly Professionals and Kink-Aware Professionals directories late this evening.

Of course, on a brand-new laptop, I’m running all new browser versions for IE, Chrome, and Firefox… which means not only do I have to try and remember the dashboard login credentials to my own site from memory for once, but neither directory website’s scripts support the latest-and-greatest anything. Much frustration ensues, but hey, it’s great opportunity for the Buddhist Therapist to practice what she preaches about mindfulness and self-soothing techniques in the moment, right?


Yes, it’s true… even professional therapists want to throw their office equipment out the window into the rain in frustration sometimes. You’re not alone in this, I promise.

Colour me bemused. I think I will wisely leave trying to add graphics and logos for another, non-midnight-update time.

(And both sites have updates; the PFP site has both the out-dated and new listings, and the new KAP listing is awaiting moderator approval. They’re there, I promise… I think. ?Or hope, really.)


Please bear with us, as the very patient team at and I work the bugs out and get this site live!? At the very least, the contact information is online and accurate. I understand email far better than I understand editing custom CSS templates. One skill at a time, one day at a time!